We recommend that you arrive around 9:30-9:45 a.m. to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or juice with some snacks and goodies that often include coffee cake, donuts, cookies and fruit. You are welcome to enjoy your refreshments in the Sanctuary.

The five minute "countdown" begins at 9:55 a.m. at which time everyone (including children) gathers in the Sanctuary.

Service typically begin at 10:00 a.m. with songs that range from southern gospel to rock-n-roll, hip hop and even a rap or two on occasion, not all of our songs are Christian but they do all praise our Lord.  When the music stops, COG Youth Ministries will direct the children 4-12  years old out of the Sanctuary and into their classroom for games, lessons and music of their own, while the teens and adults settle in for a Message delivered by Pastor Robert Welsh or an occasional guest speaker.  The entire service is generally 90 minutes,

The Odyssey is very relaxed and the only attire required is whatever you are comfortable wearing. We invite you to make yourselves at home. It's not uncommon to have babies being passed around and children running around outside playing.  We think of the church as our home away from home, and want you to as well!

Other than these basics, It is impossible to tell you what to expect at The Odyssey, because it is always different and changing.  One thing to expect though, and it's not something that is always found in churches: laughter and love. We do things a little differently at The Odyssey.  You may find it a bit odd (pun intended).  We Believe the scripture and our Bible is The Bible, and yet we are often told we do things differently than many churches.   You will hear or see the phrases, "Helping people find and follow Jesus" or "Come as you are" and "You are Welcome Here". These phrases are often spoken by our members, posted on our social media sites and even appear on our signs. What does all of this mean to you?   It means ALL are welcome at The Odyssey.  It does not matter to us where you are in your faith.  We understand that not everyone believes all of the Bible, not everyone understands all of the Bible. In fact, many people are intimidated by the Bible.  You don't have to be an expert in theology to attend The Odyssey, you just have to come as you are. It is our belief  that whether you believe or not, If you hear and learn more about the Bible and gain a better understanding so as to begin to apply those words in a practical way, your life will be better.  It is our prayer at the Odyssey that people just like you visit and take something from the scriptures with them when they leave.  It's been said many times at the Odyssey, We don't care where you are.  We don't care where you've been. You are welcome here.

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